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Degrees Offered: B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Chair: Lee, Wei-Tsong (李維聰)
  Established in 1971 as the Department of Electronics Engineering and renamed as the current department in 1992, the Department offers both regular and evening classes for undergraduate students. Graduate programs for Master's and Ph.D. degrees were respectively commenced in 1993 and 1997. A Master's program of Robotics Engineering was established in 2007. “Communication Systems”, “Control Chips and Systems”, and “VLSI Design and Computer Systems” are the three major fields in the Department of Electrical Engineering in 2009.

  Currently the Department has 23 full-time faculty members all with Ph.D. degrees. Specialized research areas include: microwave communication, signal processing, pattern recognition, neuro-fuzzy systems, automatic control and power systems, VLSI design and electrical circuit systems, computer engineering, semiconductor devices and optical fiber communication systems, wireless communication systems, next generation communication systems, mobility computation, non-linear and dynamic controls.

  Research facilities include the Optical Fiber Lab, VLSI Lab, Automatic Control Lab, Microwave Communication Lab, Parallel Processing Lab, Multimedia Lab, Cybernetics Lab, Signal Processing Lab, and Electrical Motor Lab, etc., in addition to some basic experiment labs.

  A minimum of 146, 29, and 24 credits are required for the Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degrees respectively. A thesis is required for both the Master's and Ph.D. degrees. Primarily it has classified into three major categories for the study, namely, Communication Systems, Control Chips and Systems, and VLSI Design and Computer Systems. For the graduate program of Robotics Engineering, the Intelligent Evolution and Embedded Systems are the two major study categories.
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